Consulting services

At KaeKTechnology Corporation, we offer a wide range of services to help the savvy capitalist conduct business.

Business planning and forecasting:

Got an idea for a new business? Looking to expand your firm? We can assist your decision process with our some of the best thinking in the market. All opportunities for growth are exciting, but that same energy can cloud your more rational decision-making process. We'll help you cut through the fluff to get to sound financial decisioning that puts the future success of your enterprise first.

Budgeting and cash flow analysis:

Every banker will tell you that cash is king amongst asset classes, but how you manage that asset can separate the companies that thrive from the companies that just squeak by. We'll look at your cash usage and find ways that you can use cash more efficiently and speed up the overall throughput of cash as it is accrued by your firm.

Cost / benefit analysis:

Investment analysis:

Will a certain investment provide the risk / reward profile that is appropriate for me? Ask us, and we'll look at what your goals are for the investment, balanced with the funamentals associated with taking on that investment and give you an unbiased answer. We are beholden to no one other than our clients and that will never waver. Honest, clear advice is the only way to conduct our relationship with a clean conscience.

Economic analysis:

As we concieve it, the system of institutions we call the economy is a volatile, chaotic mielieu. We can appraise certain aspects of the "economy" and give you our interpretation of what that aspect is engaged in at some past time. We cannot predict the future nor will we attempt to do so. Past activity and volitility we are really good at. Present and future looking statements are, by definition, a leap of faith, better suited to theologians than economists.

Econometric modeling:

Warning! Correlation is not causation. If you have a certain economic phenomenon that you want to better understand and explore, then we can help you with that. We'll tell you, within certain statistical limits, what factors are strongly or not strongly correlated with the event under analysis. But if you want to know how this phenomenon affects the price of tea in China, then you may be barking up the wrong tree.

Asset / liability management analysis:

Operational efficiency analysis:

Product market analysis:

Do you have an idea for a product or service but are unsure if anyone will but it, or how big a market exists for such a thing? We can help. We can helpyou decribe both your product/service and the market it is intended to serve, and help you estimate the scope of that potential market.

Email us today for a free, no obligation consultation to see if we can help you be a more effective manager or owner.

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